Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K.Rowling et al

I am a die hard Harry Potter fan, it is (by leaps and bounds) my favourite series, a series I can confidently say I have read through at least 5 times.  I have read Rowling’s other books and just by the basis of it being Rowling, I enjoyed them.  (Though, her Cormoran Strike series is exceptionally entertaining).  So, why I haven’t read this book until 24 hrs ago, I honestly don’t know.  I remember when it came out thinking I had to go and get it, but just…didn’t.  Anyhow, I finally picked up the book at the library yesterday, sat down to read it at about noon and did not move until 3 hrs later when I had finished the book.  It is freakin’ spectacular.  I LOVED it, I mean, full on loved it.  I haven’t felt that enthralled by a book in so long, and it’s not even a book story, it’s a play!
I’m not sure, how with minimal description you can connect with a character, but Albus and Scorpius are just brilliant together.  I think the relationship they have is incredible, a modern day bromance if there ever was one, yet with out being super “dude!-bro!-y” (do you follow me?) .

Rowling is able to flawlessly bring back all your favourite, and not so favourite (cough Umbridge cough), characters.  Seeing Snape was possibly one of my favourite moments, particularly when he finds out that Voldermort, in another world, kills him.  The relationship between Ron and Hermione changing with each world was also pretty entertaining, because you know that in every world, even if they aren’t, they’re meant to be together.  (More so than Harry and Ginny if I’m being honest).

Final thought: this book makes me happy.  If you haven’t – find a copy and read it!

What did you think of this book, I know when it was released there were definitely mixed reactions to it.

Also, a moment of appreciation for Slytherin representation.

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