If I Could Be You – Who?

Have you ever wished you could live a fictional characters life? Or maybe not their whole life, but at least experienced something in their life.  Whether it is a friendship, or location, or characteristic quirk, there’s just something about them that makes you want to be them.

For me, I have definitely experienced that, in most cases because what is going on is just so outside the realm of possibility in my life that I think, “yah, that’d be cool.” Though, let’s be real, most of the time our favourite protagonists are going through some sort of unpleasant experience that we don’t actually want, so I’d preface this by saying, I just want the good parts, and probably only for 24 hrs.

I’m going to start this list off by cheating (good job!) I would want to live a hybrid of the following two characters:

Adam Parrish (by day) and Ronan Lynch (by night) – because, who doesn’t want to have magic and then be able to pull things from their dreams?! (This here is, obviously, an example of just wanting to experience the good and cool things in a characters life, I have no desire to experience the lives either of these people had to live through.)

Elizabeth Bennett – just to experience life back in the day while being just a little left of acceptable.  There is this romantic ideal about the time period that Elizabeth Bennett lived in, but also, let’s be real, it was pretty classist and repressed, so it’d have to be lived with a grain of salt.

Cormoran Strike – because the idea of solving mysteries while your life is in shambles intrigues me.  The man’s life is always in shambles, but he gets to solve mysteries and that is pretty cool.  I don’t have the mind required to solve mysteries, which is why living this characters for 24 hrs greatly intrigues me.

Feyre – because frankly, the girl has seem some cool stuff and it would amazing to experience a different world and the different courts.  Also, she has the ability to just be a badass chick.

Claire Randall/Fraser- time travelling?! Yes please!  Hop through a couple time periods, see if you can butterfly effect happenings in present age, why not?!

Who would you want to be if you could?

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2 thoughts on “If I Could Be You – Who?

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  1. Oooh, tough question. All I can think of right now are characters I DON’T want to be like Katniss Everdeen, lol. It would be fun to temporarily live in the shoes of Elizabeth Bennett. That was a good pick!


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