Book Review: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas


“Are you telling me…that even though I am the last living Galathynius, my throne does not yet belong to me?” – Aelin





I don’t even know where to start with this book.  But, before we really get into anything can I just take a moment to complain about the end! How can you leave us high and dry like that until May 2018?!?!?! Not cool, so not cool.

When I started reading this series a couple of weeks ago I knew nothing about it, I didn’t look online, so I was completely clueless.  When I went into book 5 I actually thought maybe it was the last book in the series. So wrong, so very very wrong.  The closer I got to the end of the book the more I realized there was no way the story was wrapping up by the end.  Ugh! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes getting into a series when it hasn’t be completed is the WORST!!!

Anyhow, of the 5 books in the series to date, I think this one was definitely my favourite (except for the lack of Chaol).  The story moved really well, the characters were fun – it just worked.  Maas is just a really great story teller and this book really highlighted that.

As a heroine I thoroughly enjoy Aelin – she’s witty and strong but still a girl, she’s so young and you don’t really forget that (um, except for those couple of scenes with Rowan – I wouldn’t call her a girl for those).

The one thing I did notice is that there were definitely some similarities between this series and Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series.  Not in a particularly bad way, just that there were some things that happened that I though I should have seen coming because I had read that plot twist previously (in her other series).

One final note, I ship Dorian and Manon so hard.  From their first meeting in the previous book I was on board.  I have no idea what to think will become of it, but I hope we see more of it in the next book.

Anyhow, as a new discoverer of Maas, if you haven’t read her stuff, pick up one of her series and enjoy being immersed in the world of magic, fae, and witches.

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