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Ok, so I am late to the party on this….by years – but yesterday I finally got my stuff together and signed into Pottermore for the first time and I have now officially been sorted.

My wand!


Vine wood * 10 3/4″ * Phoenix feather core * Rigid flexibility


First, I mean pretty obviously, I wanted to be Gryffindor, except that I am well aware that my personality does not conform to said house – so I didn’t imagine that particular dream of mine would come true.  Particularly because I was told to answer the sorting questions truthfully – ugh fine –  I won’t answer the questions the way a Gryffindor would thereby, hopefully, augmenting the odds of me being selected into my dream house.

I kind of figured if I couldn’t be Gryffindor than let me be Slytherin, it I’m not brave, at least let me be a badass.  But alas, no, I am a Ravenclaw.  Which is amusing only because I tend to forget that I am (occasionally) an intelligent person, so it’s maybe fitting that my subconscious self seems to have won the round of which house am I being sorted into.  Either way, I will wear this particular badge of honour with pride and gloat (is this a good Ravenclaw trait?) about my superior wisdom.

It is said that Ravenclaws are: intelligent, wise, sharp, witty, individual.  Ha, funny, I was definitely sorted into the right house.  Though I think I swing pretty high on the scale of being an individual, probably to my detriment sometimes, that just this characteristic alone may have guaranteed me to be put into the Ravenclaw family.


In any case, Hogwarts, Harry Potter, and essentially the entire wizarding world created by JK Rowling are probably the single most influential series of books I have ever read.  Influential may be the wrong word, but if I could only read one series of books for the rest of my life, you had better believe Harry Potter would be that series without even having to think about it.  It’s just such an escape, it’s a world you wish really did exist, there are people you wish really did exist.  So there you have it, I am not officially part of the magic that is Harry Potter!

PS: My Patronus is a Dun Mare – which if you knew me you would understand how much this makes me happy.

















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