Book Review: The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events) by Lemony Snicket

“I wish we knew something more about inheritance law,” Klaus said.  “I’ll bet Count Olaf has cooked up some plan to get our money, but I don’t know what it could be.” 

Ok, first, how is it possible that I have never read a book in this series? First published in 1999, and I am only now reading my first book in this series. AND, to top it off, I was completely influenced by the series on Netflix.  Now, I actually only watched the first episode, and didn’t love it, but the book is ALWAYS better, so I decided to give the series a go.

I am not crazy about this book, but I didn’t hate it and I think it is very uniquely written.  I really enjoy the narrator and how even through his/her warning of how the Baudelaire children don’t get a happy ending, you just don’t believe it.  Well, I didn’t anyhow.  I figured the narrator had to be lying, no way does a children’s book not end well.  And while I haven’t completed the series, so maybe that changes, the first book certainly doesn’t end well.

“The moonlight shone through the window, and if anyone had looked into the Baudelaire orphans’ bedroom, they would have seen three children crying quietly all night long.”

Also, Count Olaf and his plan to marry Violet, how creepy is that story line?! I was shocked that was the plan, particularly because she is what, 14 years old?  Anyhow, Count Olaf certainly makes a very compelling villain even without the creep marriage factor coming in.  I like a good villain, where you just downright dislike the character, so that certainly puts points in the positive column for me.

I can see kids finding this book entertaining, I think it’s one that you could definitely read with a child in your life and enjoy it just as much as they would.

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