Book Review: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I have read a lot of YA novels lately, which TBH, I am A-OK with, but it’s always interesting to find something in one YA series that connects to another YA series.  Not in a direct way, but some sort of undertone or story line that you can see runs through more than one series.  There appears to be a base foundation on which YA novels are written and it’s up to the author to put their spin on it.  I’m not complaining, I will one day realize I am too old for YA, but for now, I’m pretty content to keep reading them.

So, back to the world of Mare Barrows and her fellow fighters.  The second book in the Red Queen series has us following Mare as she tries to save other “newbloods” from the wrath that is Maven.

It’s funny, because as I sit here writing this review I’m trying to figure out what the main plot action looked like, and there really isn’t one MAIN thing that was happening other than the search for “newbloods.” Mare and her gang are trying to stay one step ahead of Maven (sometimes successful and other times not) in their desire to bring the Silver’s out of power – particularly showing the world how Maven came to be in power.

Cal and Kilborn continue to have a high degree of presence in Mare’s life which really helps magnify how Mare struggles with relationships.  She needs to learn how to trust people, but continues to be proven right in her decisions NOT to trust people.

Can’t wait to get my hands on book 3!

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