Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I didn’t go into this book with any expectations and I’m kind of glad I didn’t.  For me, this book had a slow start – I wasn’t sure what the premise was going to be until quite a few chapters in.  However, the action definitely progressed in the second half of the book, so it kept me reading.

I like the overall story of the book, the idea of gods no longer being kind – that with their superior powers and abilities they’re able to rule over the “red” class.  I also liked that the protagonist, Mare, wasn’t aware of her abilities until required at a crucial moment.   Mare’s struggle with being both red and silver, the relationships she is forced into, and the actions/decisions she’s required to make while living with that distinction are really well written.  In fact, all through the first book of this series I had no clue what her final outcome would be.

I’m kinda bummed that (spoiler alert) Maven turns out to be an evil dirt bag – I was totally on his team for a bit, just because it didn’t seem like such a cliche.  And then…BAM – evil guy.  I think you kind of had to see that coming, but it was hidden quite well.

I will definitely be checking out the second book of this series, and the third book, I believe, was just released.

Overall, I thought the story telling was well done.  It’s an easy read for sure, but entertaining none the less. If you liked The Hunger Games, I think you could get behind this series as there are definitely some overlaps in tone and plot.  Particularly the idea of being used as a pawn for the ruling class to maintain their power.

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