Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Think Beauty and the Beast but where most people are magic – they weren’t just changed because of magic.  This book was not what I had anticipated it would be.  Though, to be fair, I’m not sure I knew what I was getting into when I picked it up.  I just knew Maas is a crazy popular author and I hadn’t read any of her stuff.

It’s a YA novel, it’s entertaining, easy to read, has a love story.  There’s nothing super original about the actual foundation of the book, but the overall story is still intriguing enough that I read the book in a day.

Feyre is taken to the Spring Court after inadvertently breaking Treaty protocol between the faeries and humans.  Or did she, maybe there’s more at play here than meets the eye.  Feyre has to adjust to life in a land that she can’t fully appreciate – or even, as she discovers – see properly.  This is basically a fairy tale for people who want a little bit more romance and less breaking out into song.

I’m not sure how many books are meant to be a part of this series, but I believe right now there are 3, or 2 released and one to be released this year.  Enjoyable, not a must-must run out and read, but if it’s available to you I’d say go for it, give yourself a couple of hours to sit back and learn about Feyre and her beast(s).

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