Book Review: The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

First, can we talk about how many times I have to re-check that the authors name is Samantha Shannon and not the other way around, also – I keep spelling Samantha, Samantah….so, good start.

The Mime Order, the second book in a series following Paige as she lives under Scion order.  Paige is a clairvoyant, a dreamwalker, and she lives under the protection of Jaxon – a Mime-lord of I Cohort.  Following Paige’s kidnapping and escape of Oxford (book 1) she has to readjust to life in London (where she is a fugitive) with knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes of her city.  Paige has a few allies, but more than enough enemies to keep her on her toes.  She’s also pretty restricted in actions she can take without royally pissing off Jaxon (which puts her life in serious jeopardy).

As Paige becomes more and more frustrated with that lack of action being taken to protect clairvoyants, even with first hand knowledge of danger coming, she begins to take risks to assure the safety of those around her.

The story is really well told, I also really like that the love interest is definitely a secondary plot line.  Also, can you really call it a love interest? There are definitely some blurry lines when it comes to feelings between Paige and Warden.  I’m not sure how I feel about them to be fair, I like that they have a relationship, but I am still on the fence about where I feel they should move forward on that, if at all.

Actually, I think my favourite relationship is between Paige and her best friend Nick.  The understanding they have with each other, and the security in that relationship is nice. It’s also probably one of the few things that have kept Paige from going completely rogue and off the rails.  I think he controls a little bit of her impulse control – though that may not be saying much when you see some of the positions she puts herself in.

So, this book ends on a cliff hanger – boo.  BUT, the next book comes out in a couple of weeks (March 7), if you have time to read the first two books before the third comes out I would definitely recommend it.  I mean, you don’t have to read them by March 7, because at least by then you won’t have to wait for the next book.  However, I believe I read that this is meant to be a series of 7 books….so, be prepared for some waiting, particularly if all the books start ending on cliff hangers.  I actually HATE that I became so invested in the series so early on.  I am definitely more a fan of not discovering a series until they have all been published.  Or at least, the majority have – though I’m discovering more and more books these days where I’m just gonna have to suck it up and do that waiting thing, because frankly I just don’t want to wait YEARS before I start reading the series.

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