Book(s) Review: The Lynburn Legacy trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan

How real are the voices in your head? For Kami and Jared, about as real as it gets – connected by the extraordinary ability of being able to read each others minds, but how much more complicated is the story.  Well, as it turns out, pretty darn complicated. Jared is a sorcerer, Kami is a source – it’s a whole big magical webby mess.

img_0110“The connection between them was like adding a drop of ink to a glass of water: everything that had been clear became distorted.  There was no way to separate the two of them, no matter how different they were or how poorly they mixed.”

This trilogy is made up of: Unspoken, Untold, and Unmade – a series of novels that follows Kami as she discovers more about the magic which shaped the town she lives in.  It centres around a family of sorcerer’s who have been tasked with “looking after” Sorry-In-The-Vale.  Unfortunately, and as most books with sorcerer’s would do, there’s a big bad evil sorcerer looking to destroy the town.

Here’s my hit and miss of the story, it’s kind of ish predictable, and I think the ending was just terrible.  But! I like the characters – I like the chemistry between Kami, Jared, and Ash – I like the relationship Kami has with her Dad – I think Tomo and Ten are flippin’ adorable, and finally – Rusty (who, without giving away spoilers, almost made me cry – well as close to crying as I allow myself to get, aka: I teared up, a little).

The relationships between the characters is really why I read all three books, ultimately, the resolution between Rob (the big bad evil guy) and the town and Kami’s gang of intrepid followers was kind of secondary to me.

img_0302Right, so, if you like characters with wit, and they’re actually well written, I think you’ll enjoy this series being led by Kami.  She’s quite amusing, good at pushing away feelings with humour and generally trying to take care of everyone around her.

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