Book Review: The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Bones: [adjective] Dead.

This book surprised me in such a good way.  I almost gave up on it, which I guess would be my main criticism of this book: the beginning.  I just didn’t understand it, and yes, there is a glossary provided at the back of the book (thanks!) but I didn’t find the introduction to the world of Paige to be very well described, so much so that I had trouble wrapping my head around who and what she was talking about.  That is probably more reader-at-fault than anything else, but still, worth mentioning.

Dreamscape: The interior of the mind, where memories are stored…Clairvoyants can consciously access their own dreamscapes, while amaurotics may catch glimpses when they sleep. 

Also, there are a lot of words in the book (not in the glossary) that I still don’t completely understand, which is fine, because a world has been created that is outside the normal human existence.  It’s a world where clairvoyants are shunned and imprisoned or killed.  Paige is a dream-walker, she is kidnapped and thrown into a new world where she has a master who she is expected to obey.  I suppose in books you always expect that the “bad” guy who actually isn’t will eventually become the romantic attachment.  I kind of assumed that would happen, but it’s wasn’t always clear.  I wasn’t sure how it would play out, and moving forward, I don’t know how it will. I kind of like that, it was an expected but not necessarily typical development in the story.

Anyhow, this book was well written, I like Paige as the main character.  I think she had some good development and spunk.  She was just a little bit different and I appreciate that in a main character.

Final qualm for me is that only two books are out and it’s meant to be a 7 book series!!! The con of getting into a series early on is that waiting.  Ugh! The worst!

So, I would say yes – bookmark this and get lost in a fantasy world.

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