I Could Read for a Living? YES, PLEASE!

Most book lovers, I’m sure, would love to find a way to make money reading.  Who wouldn’t want that? (crazy people, that’s who!)  Can you imagine getting paid to do one of your most favourite things? I know those most happy in their careers are those who find the thing they love and are able to make money doing it.  So, what about readers? What’s out there for us? And really, how realistic is it?

This is all information I have looked up for myself as I try to figure out what I want to do with my life post university.  So, take it how you will, but it certainly isn’t in-depth, maybe it’ll inspire you to look a little further into a career you’ll love – doing something you enjoy.


Kind of top of the obvious scale – but, potentially the most in line with what a reader is looking for in a job.  And while your entirety of your job can’t be just reading (can it?! I don’t actually know anyone in publishing) it is certainly something it will be dependent on.  Plus, how amazing would it be to read authors before they’re discovered? Or to be part of the process of working with an author you already love? I’m sure this is a very romanticized version of what it actually means to be in publishing, but hey, a girl can dream.

Several universities/colleges offer publishing degrees, and many come with internship/co-op opportunities that get you practical on the ground experience.  That also gets your name out to employers, so definitely worth checking out if publishing is something you are interested in.


A new(ish) way to make money, if you can find the audience.  A career that I think many people would love because of the convenience of being able to work from home – or around the world.  Being able to read books, review books, write about books, write about anything really – blogging isn’t just for the book lover.  The era of making money from your computer on your couch is certainly upon us, so as a reader, why not take advantage of that?

Professor (or really anything in academia) –

This isn’t about fiction reading, or reading books that bring you pleasure necessarily, but you do a lot of reading, particularly in your area of study.  Which, I would guess, because it’s what you’ve studied your whole career, you would enjoy.  For example, I have a degree in political science, and I definitely enjoy a good academic paper to read with a well presented, or even ridiculous, argument.  I’m not sure I could do it for a living, but there are people more inclined to that for sure.

Professor also comes with the added responsibility of teaching, researching, and writing.  Certainly an all encompassing reader-esque type of job.


Working for a magazine or newspaper just sounds glamorous. (The Devil Wears Prada, anyone?).  Also, the extent to which you would have to be in the know on any particular subject would definitely require some good reading and writing skills.


Of whatever kind you want, isn’t there this dream of being a writer and having the ability to just jet set off into the sunset and write on a beach, or some European village, or wherever your heart desires.  Being the one to create the material that people read, to find the story that speaks to others.  That would be incredible!

Keep in mind that there are several different ways to make writing a career, there’s the standard book author, but most corporations/companies require writers as well, as do governments, not for profit organizations, and public agencies.  Getting started, discovering how you write, your style, proper grammar and editing can start in many different capacities.

The thing is, that none of these vocations are particularly easy to break into.  To be a dedicated bookworm and make money for it, the truth is, you’re going to have to work pretty darn hard to make that happen.  The love you have for reading is definitely going to have to fuel your ambition to make it work.  Also, you definitely have to consider the other aspects that come along with a job that does require reading, because that won’t be all there is.  It isn’t going to be a single faceted job, it’s going to require many more skills.  Some of which will require a higher education and experience.

Dream big and make it happen!

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