You Don’t Have to Read It, Anymore!

I feel like it is becoming more and more common to take popular books and turn them into movies/TV shows.  The incredible success of Harry Potter in this regards can only have added fuel to the fire in making the transition from paper to screen (you know – ignoring the eReader screen) for best selling books.  I wonder how authors feel when approached about making these adaptions? How much control do you have or are you willing to relinquish of your characters for them to be brought to life?! It’s just weird.  I ask this because I just read Me Before You, and the whole time when either Lou or Will were talking I could see the characters as imagined for me, having seen who plays these characters on screen.  It’s kind of a bummer when you lose a bit of the imagination that comes with reading, but it’s also really exciting to see some of your favourite characters brought to life.  Well, when done properly, because let’s be real, some adaptations just flat out suck.

A few of my favourite book to screen adaptations are as follows:

The Outlander Series – I though years and years ago that someone needed to get onto turning this series into a movie, but also remember thinking that no way could a movie do it justice because what could you cut!? So when I heard that this was becoming a TV series, giving more time for plot development I was SO STOKED.  And, after watching it, continued to be so.  I feel like this was done really well.  While what I saw in my head and how Jamie is portrayed didn’t align all that well, I still think Sam (who plays Jamie) has done a great job.  And frankly, Claire was just exactly what I would have imagined.  Now, I am way behind in the series, I have only seen the first season, but definitely one I am super impressed with.

Anne of Green Gables – Let’s go old school.  Megan Follows as Anne and Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert will forever be one of my ultimate OTP’s.  As a kid I don’t think I liked anything more than when the Sunday night movie on TV was Anne of Green Gables.  This is a book and mini-series that will, I imagine, stick with me until the end of my time.

The Hunger Games – Namely the first movie in the series, I personally, thought was really well done.  It stuck fairly closely to the book, and didn’t stray too far in terms of character development.  I remember walking away from the movie theatre being really happy with the movie.

Sherlock – This one may be cheating a little bit, as I have genuinely only read about 3 chapters of a Sherlock novel before, this is absolutely a case of TV first for me.  But, the TV is just so incredibly genius, I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a show as much as I do this one.  Yes, I know it is set in a completely different time period, you have to give some room for the term “adaptation,” but reading the novels is a goal of mine.  In fact, it is on the list of my 12 classics to read in the year of 2017.


A Discovery of Witches and the Cormoran Strike series are being adapted.  And I believe the Strike series is out in 2017.  I don’t think I’ve missed the release date?! Either way, really excited to see how these books are brought to life.

Guilty pleasure Adaptation:

Shadowhunters – Let’s not actually dwell on this too long, but I just enjoy my hour on Monday when I get to check out and focus on 18 year olds being responsible for saving the world.  (Though, I think the show aged up the characters, so I’m not sure exactly how old everyone is).

Ultimately, I am good with most of my fave books being brought to life.  I just always go in with the expectation that the book is ALWAYS better and read the book first so that you can create the characters in your head as you wish – before everything is decided for you.



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