Gifting for the Book Lover

Let’s be real here folks, sometimes buying actual books for a book lover is incredibly stressful.  Have they read it? Will they like it? It can be a lot, no matter how highly something is recommended, sometimes it just isn’t enough.  But, you know what, there’s more to get a book lover than books – particularly if you prefer to do something beyond a gift card.  Personally, I love me a gift card because I do get to choose my own book, I also enjoy when people buy me books, because they’re really giving a piece of themselves to you.  Whether it’s something they read and loved, or saw and thought of you, a book is such a personal gift.  Some of my favourite books have been gifts; however, there’s a lot of pressure there that I know many don’t appreciate – so, what do you get the book lover if not a book?

Why not a reading ambience basket – or just something to enhance the reading experience?

When I think of the most perfect reading atmosphere it involves snow during the winter and rain during the summer.  Why is that? Maybe because crummy weather is just the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book, hot drink, comfy clothes and disappear into another world for a little while.

That being said here are some gift ideas for the book addict in your life:

The fuzziest of fuzzy socks (or just fun socks in general) – I received a pair last year with, I swear, an inch thick layer of faux fur on the inside of the sock.  They are the most incredible socks and are certainly a favourite accessory when I am bunkering down with my book.  Old Navy tend to have fun fuzzy socks this time of year and if you happen to be in Canada, Chapters is the place to go (more expensive but super luxurious and incredibly comfortable).

The coziest of cozy blankets – nothing beats being able to wrap yourself up in a blanket that is just pure comfort.  It can move with you from the bedroom to the living room to (yes, I’ve done it) an airplane.  The comfort of a good blanket is a great reading accessory.  Target and Walmart are two places to look for affordable cozy blankets/throws.  The Bay and Macy’s may be good places to look if you’re looking to spend just a touch more money.

Hot drink ingredients – even in the dead of summer, I love me a good hot drink.  (is this weird – maybe) but particularly at night when things are slowing down sometimes a hot drink is all I can think about.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate (decaf if needed!)- putting a package together with the ingredients needed to create a comforting hot drink definitely makes getting into a new book that much more enjoyable.  A lot of coffee shops will sell their hot drink ingredients, particularly places like Starbucks – always a good (and normally convenient) option. But, most grocery stores also offer up a wide variety of hot drink ingredients, and then you have more options about which brand to choose.  For instance, I recently found an amazing decaf chai latte concentrate that is delicious – and it’s nicer to drink at home on the couch than elbowing your way through a line at the coffee bar and then having to settle into an uncomfortable wooden chair.

Book mark – you can get some pretty cool book marks these days, it’s not just about a piece of plastic stuck in between two pages.  Take a look at stationary stores, book stores, little one of a kind shops and you will likely find a cool book mark alternative to jazz up your reading addicts life.  Or, if you feel particularly giving, look online for places that will customize bookmarks!

Book light – maybe more relevant to the person who shares a room, but a little book light is always a neat little gift – just stick it on your book cover so you don’t have to turn on a light and wake up your room mate.  Amazon have some great options (though you can likely find some wherever books are sold).

Onesie – OK, does it have to be a onesie ?- no, comfy pajamas work just as well, but there’s something about the novelty of a onesie that I think is pretty endearing – plus, there are some pretty creative ones out there! Searching online will probably find you the best variety in onesie options, but again, places like Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, etc. will probably have a pretty decent selection as well (a tip would be look at places that cater more towards the teen demographic like Ardenes, while not a place you may typically shop their whimsy onesie selection is normally pretty on point).

Series specific – Final suggestion, if you know that there is a particular series that your book addict is obsessed with, look for gear based around them.  For instance there is a ton of harry potter and game of thrones merchandise out there that the series lover would enjoy – from trinkets to clothes, it’s definitely all available on the internet.  Etsy may be your best friend for this (just watch shipping dates)!


A reading subscription box – Subscription boxes are pretty cool things, they get delivered every month/quarter (whatever it is you’ve signed up for) and inside is general reading memorabilia (including books – though it’ll depend on the service).  I think they’re pretty neat (I have never experienced one personally, the idea is pretty cool). They vary in price and regularity, but you’re probably looking about about $30/month for however long you subscribe the person for. OwlCrate is the one I have heard most about, but there are certainly several other options. Here’s a link to an article on different literary subscription boxes: But certainly do your own research before moving forward if this is something you want to give a try!

An eReader – yeah, this isn’t much about ambience, but, if you know someone who travels a lot or just doesn’t have a lot of space at home but is a huge bookworm, than an eReader is always a great option.  There are so many to choose from these days – but definitely worth looking into if you want to impress someone (or just really love someone) over the holidays. As a note I use iBooks – I don’t know what I would do without my eBooks.



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