Review: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena


This book intrigued me because it was likened to that of The Girl on the Train – a book I thoroughly enjoyed.  With that, I think I went in with some pretty high expectations, and I am not gonna lie, they were pretty well met.  This book took me a day to read.  I didn’t read consistently, but I bought it Wednesday and was done on Thursday, so it’s not challenging to read, but it isn’t just fluff either.

I’m a big fan of the way this book was written, I like the alternating points of view and how  the spiderweb of information slowly unravels through the book.  Lapena does a really good job of drawing you in and then dropping these twists that just up the ante of the plot.  Some of the twists were, I’m not going to say predictable – because I think the story is unique enough that this can be said – but you could see them coming.  You knew that something was going to come along and put a wrench in the plan that the protagonists were living through.

Some of her character development was a little superficial, I wasn’t expecting them not to be though, because it isn’t a super long read, so it didn’t disappoint me, it’s just something I noticed while reading.  The relationship between Marco and his in-laws bothered me a little, kind of on the same vein as it just being a little superficial in their mutual hatred of each other.  I feel like for the animosity they felt for each other there should have been more to it than simply he wasn’t good enough.

And that ending…without giving to much away.  WHAT?! I have mixed feelings on the ending.  On the one hand, I think it was a completely appropriate ending to the story on the other….WHAT?!  You get to the end, and you think, “Oh good, this is going to wrap up nicely”and then…I suppose you’ll have to read the book to come to your own conclusions, but 24 hrs after completing the book I can firmly say I was a fan.


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